AMBIGUOUS BEING: Videokunst und Filmscreening, 02. Juni bis 30. Juni 2012, tamtamART gallery,

Programm/ program
Galerie/ Gallery

The videoart-library and film program presents works of artists based in Taipei, Tel Aviv and Berlin. Political, social and cultural identities of the cities, as centers of controversial debates on the future of community values and society, are determined, demanded and related by crucial boundary experiences and confrontations with the other. That has a deep impact on the local artistic and cultural practice. The exhibition highlights artworks that develop and stimulate relevant strategies of identity construction by exploring the self and the other, the options of acting and suffering, ways of finding and inventing, the role of the conventional and the extraordinary against a background of colliding reality concepts. AMBIGUOUS BEING will be hosted by tamtamART Gallery (Berlin: June, 2nd to 30th), KAV 16 Community Gallery (Tel Aviv: July, 5th to 31st) as well as by the Hong Gah Museum (Taipei: August, 25th to September, 23rd ) on the occasion of TAIPEI BIENNIAL.  Read more...